As Serious As A Heart Attack

There is no disputing the seriousness and severity of a heart attack.   For most of us, we know and understand the risk factors, precursors, and warning signs.   Scientists and physicians are constantly striving to educate people on this very serious issue, and how we can prevent it from happening to us.   There is no denying that a lack of nutrition, an excess of sugars and fats, lack of physical exercise, smoking, etc. can place us in very dangerous odds with cardiovascular diseases, especially if we have a family genetic link to it.

So I wonder why the science of eco change and climate change is so easily debated and dismissed as “unproven, fraudulent, and a liberal scheme.”   Yet for many of us:  the risk factors, precursors, and warning signs are staring us in the face.   What more needs to be done to convince others that our lack of accountability and denial of scientific facts are as serious as a heart attack?   I pity the future generations of our great planet.   I painfully pity the countless species of our ecosystem that will one day, quite literally be no more.

About The Vegan Bear

Gay. Vegan. Catholic. Fulfilling my call of service, compassion, and justice. Constantly striving to make my life the best it can be so I can inspire hope, love, and change in the world. “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service ...” Mohandas Gandhi

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